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A)  to improve road safety.

B)  to improve the status of bus, coach and lorry drivers and the image of

      professional driving as a career, to attract more drivers of good calibre.

C)  to ensure that drivers regularly update their skills and knowledge.

D)  to influence environmental and safety issues connected with the transportation of people

      and goods.

Is it a UK Government scheme?

No, this is an EU Directive that came into force in September 2008 for bus and coach drivers and in September 2009 for lorry drivers. As such, all EU member states are introducing the scheme and are working to the same timetable. And because it is an EU Directive, it means that the qualification will be recognised and accepted in all EU member states.

Why do we need another piece of paper when we have licences for professional drivers?

The overall aim of this initiative is to establish an EU-wide professional standard for all drivers, recognising the enormous amount of theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding that drivers need in the 21st century.

What happens if a driver doesn’t complete his/her 35 hours by the deadlines in 2013 or 2014?

The regulations are very strict on this point – drivers who have not completed the 35 hours and qualified for their Driver CPC card will run the risk of losing their vocational licence. If they are stopped by VOSA while driving in circumstances when they should have a Driver CPC card and they cannot produce the card, or if, when records are checked it is clear the driver does not hold such a card, then the driver can be fined and or banned from driving while carrying passengers or goods for commercial purposes. Your company are also liable for ensuring that you are legally eligible to be driving on the road.

Can i wait and think about it later?

Drivers can take their 35 hours of Periodic Training at any time up to the 2013 or 2014 deadlines -
but we would encourage you to get the hours tucked under your belt and your licence sorted out as soon as possible. Why? Because there are some 800,000
professional drivers to be processed and if everyone waits to the last minute, there will simply not be enough fully-accredited schools and qualified instructors available to deal with demand.
It would be a great shame if you missed the deadline – whether you have zero hours or 34 hours clocked up, you will lose all the time and money invested - and your professional driver status too.
Planning ahead will mean you can choose the dates that suit you best, and you

Do I have to do the whole 35 hours at once?

There are five different modules, each of 7 hours.

A five-day course with 7 working hours each day is the most intensive way of clocking up the 35 hours.
You could also do it at the rate of one day every month or couple of months.
The minimum single “chunk” is a 3 ½ - hour half day, but there have to be two such half days on consecutive days to make up one full 7-hour module.

What happens after 19 September 2013 for PCV drivers and 19 September 2014 for LGV drivers?

A new five-year cycle starts, so that PCV drivers will need 35 hours before September 2018 and LGV drivers will need 35 hours before September 2019. This is the whole point of Driver CPC – it ensures that drivers keep their skills updated on a regular basis.

For new drivers who are incorporating the Driver CPC into their vocational driving test, there is also a rolling five-year requirement. So those who pass their test in 2013 will need to complete 35 hours before 2018, and so on.

The 35 hours can be done in one full five-day week or spread out at the rate of one day per year or any combination in between.

What paperwork is involved?

We at Hills of Plumpton work closely with the DVSA to ensure that for each driver, all the relevant paperwork is correctly processed.

We have to provide details of venue, date, numbers and names for each course that we run.
All drivers have to bring their vocational driving licence to the course registration.
Anyone without their licence, for whatever reason, will not be allowed to take part.

Only if all of the paperwork is 100% correct – and only when the full 35 hours have been logged - will the DSA issue a driver with his/her Driver CPC card.
This is similar to the new-style driving licences with a passport-type photo, and is valid throughout all EU member states.